What Beyonce’s #BabyBangs Have Reminded Me

With a few short snips Beyoncé set the internet on fire.  The way she was trending you would have thought she cured cancer, or Ebola.  No, she just had bangs cut.Really, really, REALLY short bangs.  We’re talking baby bangs.  If you haven’t seen them, and seriously you would have to be living on Mars, here they are:


Full disclosure: I’m a member of the #BeyHive, but I don’t worship the woman like a God, or a queen, because I think that’s taking it a little too far.  However, I do admire Beyoncé’s success, talent, and style.

So, when I saw the first photos of her new ‘do I said to myself what most of you probably did, “I know with all that daggone money she can afford a better wig/haircut.”  I was appalled!  I figured she would change it almost immediately, especially after the internet went ablaze.  I know you saw the memes suggesting Blue Ivy, a jealous Michelle Williams, and even, “legally blind,” viral video star Donna Goudeau cut her hair.

2014-10-22 19.38.02

Remember wayyy back in August 2013 (okay, not that far back) when Bey unveiled this super short pixie cut?


She changed it nearly immediately, certainly quicker than Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries.  So, I thought for sure the bangs would be short lived.  Not the case this time.

As the days have gone on I’ve seen Bey continue to post pictures of her smiling proudly with the bangs the world seems to hate.  Every day I grow a little fonder of the awkwardly short bluntly cut, blonde tresses gracing the top of her forehead.

Then I realized the bangs aren’t getting any better, the queen of R and B’s confidence is what’s convincing me that it’s a good look.  Don’t get me wrong—I’m definitely not going to try the style, but I have to admit it’s growing on me… pun intended 🙂

Recently I had some damage to the front of my hair.  Poorly applied Keratn treatments left me with severe breakage near the crown of my head.  So, I made a decision to get a haircut that I really didn’t want—which included pretty short bangs.  Immediately after I felt like I had made a HUGE mistake, and my boyfriend exclaiming, “Dora!” when I walked in the door didn’t help.  I thought about getting a weave but knew that wasn’t a good idea because my hair really needed to heal.  Then, I decided to rock it like it was the cut I really wanted…


…and it looks like Bey took a page out of my book ;-).  Mistakes happen… to good people…even Beyoncé.  What Beyoncé and her bangs have taught me is that confidence can take you a long way.  Whether it’s bad bangs, a little extra weight, or a feature you’re self-conscious of.

Beyoncé, thank you for reminding us that confidence is our best feature.


What will YOU rock with confidence this fall?  Let’s talk about it in the comments!


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