Why #Tiny’s Eyes Are A Big Deal

“I permanently changed  my eye color with Brightocular and lovin it!!”  That’s the message accompanying a picture of Tameka Harris, better known as Tiny, giving a smirk to the camera.  T.I.’s wife goes on to say this is her dream come true.  While everyone is certainly entitled to their own dreams and wishes, this procedure really irks me, especially the message it sends.


As an African American woman I’ve been told numerous times that my eyes are black.  They aren’t.  They’re just a really dark brown…and I love them!  I think they look mysterious, and when I’m in the sun you can see a faint hint of brown.  I believe they’re one of my best features.

Colored contacts have irritated me for a while.  To me, they feed into that whole idea that if you have Caucasian features you are more beautiful.  You know, just how people describe looser curls and wavy textures as “good hair.”  The same goes for eyes.  Somehow if you’re brown, or tan, with light exotic colored eyes you are the epitome of beauty.

Not the case, to me.  I think you should be happy with what you were born with and find the beauty in it.

This may seem hypocritical coming from me, since I wear loads of makeup, but here’s the thing… I see makeup as art and an outlet for my creativity.  I don’t want to change anything.  I want to see what I can create using the canvas God gave me.

I’d give Tiny’s new look 10 thumbs down, if I could.  What do you think about her eye implants?


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