Reality Rewind: #HollywoodDivas

Line of the episode goes to Paula’s husband, Forrest, who says, “I have a lot , I got spirit, I’ve had jobs…” to which Paula’s mother, Claudia, says, “can you eat that, can you take it to the store and buy anything with it?”  That had me on the FLOOR!


This episode starts off with Countess talking to her therapist.  This part was really hard to watch.  She talked about how her issues with her self-image and self-esteem have been building since she was a little girl in Hollywood.  Then, she reveals when she was around 18 she had an unwanted pregnancy.  Countess tells the therapist that she ended the pregnancy on her own, and could have killed herself.  Her session was really hard to watch, but as the episode moves on, it seems as though talking to the therapist has helped her start getting on the road to recovery.

Then, Countess and her stylist meet Elise and her stylist to find an outfit for Elise’s upcoming performance.  Countess had a chance to chat with her stylist about how she wants to confront the girls about them trying to make her their, “project.”  Now, the store Elise picked out was clearly for plus-sized women over 65 years old… but Countess was a good sport and decided to try a few outfits on.  Elise was so fake though, acting like she liked the outfits.  I feel like if you’re going to be someone’s friend, don’t try to play them!  She knew the outfits were whack, but kept trying to insist Countess could accessorize to make them cute–girl, BYE!

Then, we sit in on an awkward lunch between Paula, her husband, and her mom.  Paula’s mother is HI-larious!!  She verbally accosts her husband fr being unemployed.  Paula comes to his defense, basically saying she wants him to go after his dreams.  Here’s the thing I didn’t get–why can’t you go after your dream AND have a job??  After Paula’s husband reaches his breaking point, telling her mother he was trying not to treat her like a, “b—- on the street,” they reach an agreement that he will get a job…

Then, Countess drops in on Elise and Golden to let them know she doesn’t need to be, “fixed!”  I was like YOU GO GIRL!  Elise through some major shade, as usual.  Countess walked in saying she wanted to talk, and Elise ignored her!  They finally talk after Countess’ stylist (or minion) turns off the music, and forces them to leave the studio with Countess.  Countess tells them that she feels like they’re trying to fix her like a project.  Elise finally admitted that she didn’t like any of the outfits–obviously.  Then, Golden chimed in with her passive aggressiveness.  She brought up, once again, that she’s trying to lose some, “baby fat,” and suggested that Countess could go on a health journey with her.  Golden needs to have about 15 seats!! Stop telling that woman you’re trying to lose baby fat–she does not care!!!  It all ended with the ladies going back into rehearsal, and Countess feeling better that she said something.

Toward the end the girls all meet again to talk about their project.  Lisa tells the group that Elise mentioned she Googled her name with Golden.  Golden, of course, denies it.  Girl, find those chairs and have some more seats!  She clearly was the one like, “ooohhhh let’s Google her!”  Then, she says they found no credits on a search of IMDB.

Lisa tells the group she has some major actors cast in her new movie, and Golden throws more shade… saying it’s, “shameless self promotion.”

Paula tells the group that the witch idea isn’t going to work for the movie.  I mean, really, a fourth grader could have thought of the idea…  The girls push back, saying they all really wanted to use that story line.

Paula shares her treatment for the, “White Sisters.”  The girls don’t really like the idea–Elise suggests that it takes them back to the 1970’s.  Then, she pretty much insults Countess saying her character will show true black love because Countess isn’t someone people would picture being with a star athlete… Um, okay…. Then, Golden is give her part as the crackhead sister… (insert laughter break).  LOL!!! I was too done by this point!  Golden fires back, of course, saying she will not play a homeless crackhead!  Paula suggests that Golden may be intimidated by the depth of the character and that she isn’t ready to stretch.  Of course, Golden is NOT having that!

Elise steps in, pretty aggressively, suggesting they go through each character to decide how they’ll be portrayed.  Paula tells everyone they need to leave their attitudes at home…. and then Golden suggests they hire an outside, independent party, to write the script.  Paula is appalled, saying she put a lot of time into the treatment she wrote, so, she gets up and leaves!

Whew…. DIVAS!! Until next time…


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