#Eylure Review: Drugstore Lashes

It’s no secret I’m a junkie for false lashes, I just love the way they give the eyes a lot of drama!  A few weeks ago I picked up the Eylure individual lashes to complete my look for a party… I was truly on #TeamTooMuch that day. Anyhow, I LOVED the lashes but I wasn’t fond of how long it took me to put them on one by one.  So, when I was in Target the other day and saw Eylure strip lashes I figured I’d give them a try.

2014-11-11 19.55.33 2014-11-11 19.55.01

The first pair I grabbed was the Exaggerate No 156.  I loved how full these lashes looked in the package, but I wasn’t sold on the wispy ends.  I don’t have any lashes like these ones in my stash now, so I figured I could find a use for them.

2014-11-11 19.55.33

When I put them on I was a little underwhelmed at first.  I love to see a difference as soon as I put my lashes on, and I didn’t get that right away.  After I started fluttering them around a bit I started to slowly fall in love!   I really like the density of the lash.  It’s pretty dramatic without being TOO much for every day use.  Take a look…

2014-11-11 19.53.50 2014-11-11 19.49.30

The other pair I picked up was the Lengthening No 80.  I have a pair of lashes by Make Up For Ever that are similar to these ones.  I figured they could be a cheaper alternative, if I liked them.  The best thing about these lashes was that the pack came with two pairs… SOLD!

2014-11-11 19.55.01

I LOVED these lashes as soon as I put them on.  The length is just right!  Plus, the band is thin, which makes them look pretty natural.  The only thing I didn’t like was the clear/white appearance near the band.  Of course, you can cover that with black eyeliner.  I left it visible so you can see how they look straight out of the pack.

2014-11-11 19.50.19 2014-11-11 19.52.59

Here’s a side by side comparison of the two styles:

2014-11-11 19.51.10

Both pairs came with an applicator and glue.  I prefer black Duo glue, so I didn’t try out the glue that was included.  I also prefer to apply my lashes with my finger, so I didn’t use the applicator.  They’re a nice touch though.  I believe both pairs were under $7.

2014-11-11 19.56.06

All in all I’m pretty pleased with this purchase, and I’ll definitely be checking out more Eylure products.  Have you tried Eylure lases?  What’s your favorite style?


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