Gettin It Crackin: #EllenEggCrack for #JDRF

I never thought an 18-hour day would end with egg, and a smile, on my face. Here’s why it did.


I cover a lot of the bad as a news reporter–fires, murders, missing children. I also get to cover a lot of the good. That was the case Monday morning, when I met Paige Kennedy and Lyndall Hauver.

Paige’s friend will started the “Egg Crack Challenge” after he was nominated to take the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge.” Here’s the (very funny) video he used to get it going:

During our interview Lyndall told me she figured out her son, Will, had Type 1 Diabetes after matching his symptoms with an article she read about Nick Jonas in People Magazine (thanks, Nick!). She says Will called it, LIVEabetes, and it didn’t stop him from going for his dreams. Lyndall told me Will was very creative (see his artwork here–it’s great!) a captain of the lacrosse team at Rollins College, and made friends with many.

Will’s life ended far too soon in February 2015, when he caught the flu. That’s when his long time friend Paige Kennedy breathed new life into the Egg Crack Challenge in Will’s Honor:

Paige set up a Facebook Page and Twitter feed and the Egg Crack Challenge has reached at least 18 countries and raised nearly $40,000 for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in Will’s honor.

Now, their goal is to get the Egg Crack Challenge to the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and I was happy to help:

You can help TOO! It’s easy… just crack, donate and nominate! I nominated the television crew at my alma mater Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and my friend Michelle Richardson–and they took the challenge!

If you’d like to join the cause–get crackin, and be sure to use the hash tag #EllenEggCrack on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

11001899_686138998164154_4847708137617773062_n (1)

If you’re too chicken (see what I did there? lol) you can donate by purchasing Will’s art on his sister’s blog:

I was SO inspired by Lyndall and Paige’s story–and I hope you will be too! Get crackin, and let’s get them to The Ellen DeGeneres show!





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