#DIY Vanity Update Featuring @IKEAUSA and @Marshalls

I never thought it would be possible to be so in love COMPLETELY OBSESSED with a space, but alas, it is!!

I first wrote about my DIY vanity several months ago, and since then I completely revamped it, and I’m so glad I did! Keep reading to get a tour–and the scoop on where you can get everything you need to do this on your own!


First I’ll start with the big pieces, that store all my products! I had the smaller shelf when I first built my vanity, but I found myself needing more storage. The bottom unit gives me all the storage I could ever want/need, and I love how the drawer pulls coordinate, even though they’re from different lines. Here’s how the drawers on both units look when they’re pulled open.20150814_101009-1Both these items are from IKEA, thus, making them super affordable! Here are the links:

Once I had that together, I obviously needed somewhere to sit! I wanted to go with a super luxe fluffy upholstered white chair–and then I thought about it.

Makeup + white fabric = a disaster waiting to happen.

So I decided to go with a ghost chair. I’ve been wanting one for a while, but I wasn’t sure where I would put it. It is the perfect addition to my vanity, and because it’s plastic I don’t have to worry about dropping makeup on it–and I think it leaves the space looking more open.

I got the Flash Furniture Ghost Side Chair from Amazon for $69.99. That was a steal, considering I saw these chairs selling for HUNDREDS of dollars on other sites! It arrived all in one piece, which was awesome!

Finally, I wanted to add some decorative touches. I installed IKEA lack wall shelves (they’re only $6.99 each!!) above the vanity, and filled them with inspirational mugs, picture frames, and a colorful clock. I found all of the knick knacks at Marshalls–which as we all know, is hit or miss! I definitely hit big that day!


I also picked up this cool silver deer head, which I use to store my jewelry.

Finally, I placed this crystal embellished box on top. I found this at Marshalls in the bathroom section, and I knew I had to have it!! It’s a great way for me to store all my every day, most used items. My makeup brush holder, is actually a tooth brush holder, that I also found in the bathroom section at Marshalls.


Will you give the DIY life a try with this vanity? If you want the step by step directions and shopping list for IKEA and Home Depot to get started, check out my original post here.

I’d love to see the spaces where you make your magic happen!


8 thoughts on “#DIY Vanity Update Featuring @IKEAUSA and @Marshalls

  1. I am a sucker for a good IKEA hack! And had no idea what a “ghost chair” was…love it! Where did you get the “Dull your sparkle” sign? Love that as well!


  2. love the lucite chair… good choice for a small space like that. being see thru it makes less of a visual impact but still looks cool! and ikea has some good things for bargain prices for sure!


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